Bespoke Research

Have you hit a brick wall with your research?   Do you need someone to search loc records offices?

We can help you knock down the brick wall, and search local archives in the west of Scotland on your behalf.

We charge an hourly rate of £30 (or £210 per day) to look at problems in your family tree, and carryout specific searches on your behalf. We charge an extra £40 to cover costs when you book research at a ScotlandsPeople centre to cover the day fee, cost of credits and travel expenses.

We can search most archives and depositories in the West of Scotland such as:

  • Renfrewshire local & Family History Records in Paisley Heritage Centre
  • The Mitchell Library, Glasgow
  • Inverclyde Records
  • East Renfrewshire Local & Family History Records
  • ScotlandsPeople centres (Edinburgh, Glasgow Kilmarnock etc)
  • and many more…

A report will be provided of the work undertaken, along with transcriptions of relevant records or certificates/ registrar entries.

Transcriptions of Settlements, Wills or Testament can be transcribed at the same hourly or day rate. Please contact us for estimates of time for specific documents.

Please use the form below to provide us with information on your bespoke research request and we will reply as soon as possible with a quote based on your reseach needs..

* All reports are provided as PDF files. If you wish a printed and bound copy of the report, this will incur an extra charge. All data gathered can be delivered on a USB pen drive if required at extra cost.

Depanding on research time booked, we may ask for a deposit (£50) to be paid, or full payment in advance if you require only one or two hours work.

We reserve the right to withhold supply of the final documents until all fees have been paid.
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