History Cafe – Witches of Renfrewshire 3rd February 2pm

In 1629 Renfrewsire witnessed it’s first case of witch allegations, that were to peak in the late 17th Century with the Bargarran Witch Hunt. This short one hour history cafe session will look at some of the allegations from 1629 to 1650 looking at cases all over the old County of Renfrew – many you will not have heard of before! Records of the Privy Council of Scotland provide tha majority of information in this talk.

Bookings ae now closed.

Key Information: Date Wednesday 3rd February 2021 at 7.30pm. Duration 1 hour. Cost £5.00 The Event will be held on Zoom. Zoom Invites will be sent out on the evening of Tuesday 2nd Feb.

Theme: Elation by Kaira.
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