Research into TWO branch of your family tree.

Silk Package Cost £500

Our Silk package is similar to the Linen Package and looks at both sides of your family tree.  Starting with your parents surnames, we research both branches of your family tree

We allocate 16 hours of research time to look at both branches, which generally allows to go back at least 3 to 4 generations if not a bit further. Our research depends on you being able to provide enough information on your parents for us to use as a starting point.

Our Silk Package includes:

• 16 hours of Research.
• Genealogical report on your chosen branch of the family. *
• Scans of documents gathered. *
• Information from available census returns. *
• A3 family tree chart (Printed).
• A Gedcom file of your Family Tree.

* All reports are provided as PDF files. If you wish a printed and bound copy of the report, this will incur an extra charge. All data gathered can be delivered on a USB pen drive if required at extra cost.

Depanding on reseach time booked, we may ask for a depositto be paid, or full payment in advance if you require only one or two hours work.

We reserve the right to withhold supply of the final documents until all fees have been paid.

Contact us here if you would like to make an initial enquiry regarding research on our Silk Package.