The Legacy of Christian Shaw Thurs 17 Dec 7.30pm

Christian Shaw, better known for her part in the Bargarran Witch hunt of 1696/7, is less well known as the lady who introduced fine linen thread manufacturing into Scotland in the early 18th Century. Within a decade Paisley manufactures had copied her process and were maufactuing some of the best linen yarns in Britain. This talk will explore her early life, marriages and her later life in Edinburgh.

The talk will he held on zoom, on Thursday 17 Dec between 7.30 and 9.30pm. Cost is £7. 

Click the Buy Now button to get you ticket. An Invitation to the Zoom meeting will be sent out the day prior to the event.

Christian Shaw buirial site in EdinburghE
Christian Shaw buirial site in EdinburghE

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