The Threads of Paisley – A Textile Heritage Walk 26th March 2022

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Paisley’s textile heritage spreads back to the early 1730s when Manufacturers copied the techniques of Christian Shaw to produce a very fine linen thread which she started to produce in 1722. By the 1730’s they were 30 or 40 if not more linen thread producers in the town, and the rest we could say is history! From dominating silk manufacturing for a short time, world dominance in cotton thread manufacturing and fame for the Paisley Shawls, this walk will explore the surviving remnants of the towns textile heritage, starting outside the Sma’ Shot Cottages museum and ending close to the Clarks Anchor Thread Mills depending upon the time.

We now have radio receivers for use during the walk to allow distancing, and to allow the guide to be heard. If you wish to make use of the receivers, you are welcome to bring your own headphones, or you can use our own which will be sanitised between uses.


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The Threads of Paisley – A Textile Heritage Walk

Code: UHHW2021-13 Date: Saturday 26 March 2022 Time 1.00pm. Meeting Point: Outside Sma’ Shot Cottages entrance on Sma’ Shot Lane (NOT on Shuttle Street)

Cost £5.50 By booking a ticket you accept that the Urban Historian cannot provide refunds if you are unable to attend the event as the circumstances are outwith the Urban Historian’s Control. If the event is cancelled by the Urban Historian a refund or opportunity to attend another event will be provided.

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