Walk Guidelines

The Urban Historian  Heritage Walks Update 27 April 2021

The following is how we are dealing with In Person Heritage Walks until mid May. From the middle of May we will be raising the number of guests allowed to 12 formed from two groups of 6 from 6 Households.

Number of Guests limited to 5**

Contact details for each household will be taken and retained for 21 Days, and then destroyed.

Handouts and Illustrations will not be passed around.  These will be printed & Laminated at A3 and will be sanitised before and after the walk when required.

Guide will wear a face mask when facing the group

Guests are requested to wear a face covering if its possible

2 metre social distancing requires to be maintained at all times between separate households

Please walk in single-file to allow others to pass safely

We will only stop where it is possible for others to pass safely

Hands Sanitiser will be available if you need it.

We hope to start using a wireless tour guide system (which will be cleaned between tours) when a suitable system is sourced.

** Based on advice from The Scottish Tourism Alliance, walks can go ahead:

  • You may have more than 6 adults on a tour
  • These adults must come from no more than 6 households
  • They must have booked as a group – you cannot take bookings from say 3 separate couples and treat them as a group of 6 or add two individuals to a group of 4 to make it up to 6
  • You cannot take any individual booking from a group that exceeds the 6/6 limits
  • Social distancing of 2 metres must be maintained both between different households in a group and between different groups
  • You must carry out a risk assessment to establish what would be a safe number under these conditions.
  • You should have your risk assessment with you throughout the tour.
  • Your risk assessment must consider:
    • the environment you will be in – there would be a difference between a walk up Arthur’s Seat and a walk on the Royal Mile
    • factors such as narrow streets/entranceways; confined spaces; the likelihood of there being a lot of other people around – 9.00 on a Sunday morning is likely to be less busy in towns/cities than midday on a Saturday
    • your ability to monitor the group and ensure social distancing is observed
    • how you will gather household and contact information
    • other Good-to-Go measures such as face coverings, hand sanitising, not sharing materials
    • See https://www.stga.co.uk/about-stga/guidance-for-tourist-guides-6-6-rule

The STA Covid-19 Update from 15 September 2020

We’ve been receiving a number of queries relating to private/guided tours and ‘the rules’…

We consulted Gordon Morrison, CEO Association of Scotland’s Visitor Attractions who shared the following with us which has been confirmed by the Scottish Government.

I’ve had a number of queries, unsurprisingly, from members specifically about guided tours at attractions and how many people can be on them. I enquired if attractions that conduct guided tours can have more than 6 people/2 households on one of their tours, as long as each of the separate groups on the tour are no bigger than 6/2 and kept 2 metres apart from other separate groups.
As long as the separate individual groups do not exceed more than 6/2, there can be more than one of these groups on a tour.  The key thing is that each separate group is suitably distanced (2m) and does not mingle with another group on the tour.


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