1885 Parishes of Paisley

This is a list of the ecclesiastical Parishes within Paisley in 1885, along with an alphabetical list of the the streests within each parish. Ecclesiastical and Civil parishes vary in size and often contain diffrent streets. This list is presented to help find ancestors within the Parish Records rather than the Civil records.

If you know the name of the street that ancestors lived in, you can then use that to located the local Church of Scotland that they may have attended. But be warned… they may not have attended the main Church of Scotland Within the Parish. At this time in Paisley they were many ‘Dissenting Congregations’ as they are generally called such as the Free Church, United Presbyterian, United Free, Methodist etc.

Before 1855 the Church of Scotland Parish Church would have maintained the Baptism Records, Marriage Banns and Death Records for the area covered by their parish. After 1855 when Civil Registration came in, each congregation contunued to maintain their own baptism, marriage and death records and quite often these are still held by the congregation if it has survived in its own right through the changes in Church of Scotland Parishes, or the records will have been deposited in the National Records of Scotland within the Historic Search Room if the Congregation no longer survives.


Within the Burgh Includes:

Abbey street
Abbey terrace
Abbey close Abercorn street Ardgowan street (Blackhall) Auchintorlie rd. (from Clark’s   court to Hawkhead road) Blackhall Blackhall buildings Bridge street (north) Buchanan street (east)
Cart street
Cameron street
Christie street
Cochran street
Cotton street  
Crofts (north, south, east, and west)
Crow road (south side only)
Calside road (west side, to   Haircraigs cot., Greenlaw)
Garthland place Garthland lane Garthland street Gateside
Gallowhill Gauze street
Glasgow road (both sides to   Halfway-house and Hagg’s road)
Glebe street Hawthorn buildings
Incle street
King street (Saucel) Ladyburn
Lawn street Laighpark
Mill street (to Seedhills)
Millar street Netherhill
Niddry street Renfrew street Renfrew road (to Potter-row or  village) Sandyford
Silk street
Thread street Williamsburgh

Outline of the Landward Part of the Abbey Parish:

From Halfway-House to Corkerhill, Henderton, Crookston, Hawkhead Pleasure Grounds to South Lodge, and from thence along the Barrhead Road to Crosstobs, from thence to Brownside, Stanley Muir, and from thence to Bent Bridge, Bentston, and Hartfleld, from thence to Glenpatrick Burn, along the east side of this burn to the Distillery, from thence to Foxbar and Lounsdale, and on to a point on Chain road where the Canal Railway crosses said road; then along the south side of the Railway to Craw road, along the centre of this road to Calside road, from thence to Haircraigs cottage, and from thence in a line south of Falside place to Thornly Park, then to Barterholm bridge, to Hunterhill, Chapelhill, Blackball, to Saucel and to Espedair Burn bridge, corner of Gordon’s lane.

Then again starting at Halfway-House, in a line north of Hillington terrace to North Hillington, Rylees, Old Hall, and the Arklestons, to Sandyford, to Abbot’s Burn, to Moss toll bar, from ihence to Moss plantation, from thence in a line to Blackstone house, from thence to East Candren, to Craigielea.



Argyle street
Barclay street
Barr street
Calside (west of Mary field   villa)
Canal street (Nos. 11—83)

Castle street (east side)
Churchhill (west side) George street (Nos. 10—50,   and 117—162)
High street (Nos. 28—55, and   81-86)
Lady lane
Oakshaw (Nos. 12—14)
Orr square (east side)
New street (No. 45) Sir Michael street Storie street
Stow place (west side) West Buchanan street
Wellmeadow street (Nos.1 – 25)



Caledonia street (Nos. 1 to 25   and 51 to 56)
Churchhill (east side only)
County square & place
Dyers’ wynd Galloway street Gilmour street
Glen lane
Glen street (Nos. 1 to 17   inclusive) Greenhill road Greenock road (to the Toll, west side only) High street (Nos. 5 to 27 and   87 to 109 inclusive)
Hunter street
Love street (Nos. 1 to 7 and 71   to 75 inclusive)
Macdowall street Meeting-house lane Middle lane (Nos. 1 to 7 inclusive)
Moncrieff street (Nos. 6 to 10   inclusive) Moss street
Murray street Oakshaw street (from School   wynd to Stoney brae
Pattison street
Quay lane (south side only)
Race course and roads
St. James place St. James street (Nos. 1 to 8   and 20 to 37 inclusive)
School wynd
Back Sneddon (Nos. 1 to 12   and 60 to 69 inclusive)
New Sneddon (Nos. 1 to 10   and 89 to 97 inclusive)
Old Sneddon
Stoney brae (east side only)
Underwood road (north side   only) Westmarch.



Bladda lane (north side)
Bridge street (west of Abbey bridge) Brown’s lane
Burn row
Calside (west side)
Calside place (east of and including Maryfield villa)
Canal street (Nos. 1 to 10 and   84 to 91) Causeyside (except Nos. 56,   57, 58, 59)

Forbes place Espedair street (east side)
George street (Nos. 1 to 8 and   166 to 170) George place Gordon’s lane
High street (Nos. 1 to 4)
Laigh Kirk lane Marshall’s lane
New street (No. 45 excepted)
Orchard street Prussia street
Saucel (Nos. 13 and 14)
Seedhill road
Shuttle street
South Campbell street (east of   Espedair street) Stevenson street Stirling street
Stow street
Stow place (east side, 1 to 4)
St. Mirren street (except National Bank) Wardrop street Water brae.



Campbell street (west)
Carbrook street
Castle street (Nos. 20 to 35)
Chain road (east side as far as Canal Railway bridge)
East lane (Ferguslie) Ferguslie
Ferguslie walk
George street (Nos. 52 to 116)
John street
King street
Knox street Lonewells (Nos. 22 to 46)
Maxwellton Maxwellton street Mid lane (Ferguslie) Millarston
Neil street
Newton street
Queen street
Ralston square Sandholes
Thomas street
West lane (Ferguslie) West street
William street



High street (Nos. 56 to 80)
Lonewells (east side only)
Oakshaw (from Stoney brae and Orr square westward)
Orr square (west side only)
St. James street (Nos. 9 to 19)
Stoney brae (west side only)
Underwood road (south side only) Wellmeadow street (27 to 43)
West brae



Annfield place Barterholm
Bute place
Calside (east side only)
Carriagehill Colinslee place Dovesland
Duke street
Earl Grey place Espedair st. (ex. east side from   Causeyside to So. Campbell st.)
Great Hamilton street Hillview
Janefield place Kilncroft lane Lylesland
Mansfield place
Mary street
Neilson street

Neilston road
Orr street
Rowan street
Smith street
South Campbell street
South park
Stock street Stonefield
Union street.



Albert street
Albion street Blacklaw lane Caledonia street (Nos. 26 to 50 inclusive) Carlile place and lane Cart lane
Glen street (Nos. 19 to 35 inclusive) Greenock road (north side only to the Toll)
Love street (No. 8 to 70 inclusive) Lowndes’s lane Moncrieff street (Nos. 1 to 4 inclusive) Middle lane (Nos. 9 to 12   inclusive) Mossvale street Mossvale lane Nethercommon lnchinnan road to March burn
North street
Quay lane (Nos. 1 and 2 north side)
Russell street Springbank road Smith’s lane
Sneddon (New, Nos. 11 to 88 inclusive) Sneddon (Back, Nos. 13 to 59 inclusive) Victoria street Wallace street.
1885 Parishes of Paisley – The Urban Historian
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