History Talks 2020

Our History Talks for March and May 2020 are now available for booking.… More History Talks 2020

Heritage Walks March to May 2020

Our Heritage Walks for the period March to May 2020 are now listed on our Heritge Walk Page Bookings ar now being taken for the March and early April walks at https://www.totaltickets.org/o/374… More Heritage Walks March to May 2020

Lobnitz at War

Lobnitz shipyard in Renfrew mostly built and specialised in Dredgers and Dregde equipment for clients worldwide. During World War II the construction of dredgers contunued, though mostly for Admiralty contracts. This article looks at the Mulberry Harbours and HMS Pelorus.… More Lobnitz at War

Searching for your Ancstors

Are you interested in your Scottish Family Origins? Then this 10 week course is for you! Over the10 weeks you will be introduced to the basics of genealogy, looking at information gathering and then using offical an non offical records for your investigations.… More Searching for your Ancstors

FREE New Year 2020 Heritage Walk

Start the new decade learning something new about Paisley. It’s been a few years since we did our first New Year Heritage Walk, but it’s back for 2020! We will explore Paisley’s Hidden Heritage – exploring what lies beneath our feet and up above. From the archaeology of Paisley Abbey to lost streets, buildings and… More FREE New Year 2020 Heritage Walk

Vouchers for Christmas… and beyond

Heritage Walk/ History Talk Vouchers and Genealogy Research Vouchers are now available. They make a great christmas present for anyone interested in History or researching their family tree. The History Talk/ Heritage Walk vouchers can be purchased separately or in packs of 2/ 4/ 6 or 8.Single voucher is £6. 2 cost £11, 4 cost… More Vouchers for Christmas… and beyond

A Taste of Paisley Heritage Walk: The West End

Join is on our 2nd A Taste of Paisley Heritage Walk as we explore the West End of the Town. This walk is being run in association with the Tannahill Arts Festival and will explore areas connected to Robert Tannahill in the West End of Paisley, along with many other aspects of the areas history.… More A Taste of Paisley Heritage Walk: The West End

Maps workshop Wed 25th Sept: Paisley’s Textile Industry

Join us at 7pm in the Mile End Mill, reception meeting room, for workshop exploring Paisley’s Textile Heritage through maps. We will also refer to the Ordnace Survey Name Books which give some information on properites shown on the maps. Book online at https://www.totaltickets.org/e/100050 ticket sales stop at 5pm on day of event.

Renfrewshire Weavers Talk

Tuesday 20th August 2019 1.30 to 3.30pm Book here Come and join our penultimate talk of Augst as we look at Paisley & Renfrewshire Weavers – who were they?  where did they live?  What did they weave?  This talk will explore the life of  Weavers, looking at their influence on the town over time, their… More Renfrewshire Weavers Talk

A Taste of Paisley: Paisley’s Buildings Heritage Walk 31 Aug 2019 12noon/ 1pm to 3pm.

Our first heritage Walk that includes lunch! Join us on a new twist for our Heritage Walks late in August as we gather for lunch at Allan’s Snack Bar on Storie Street, Paisley then explore and aspect of Paisley’s rich heritage. The first walk will explore the built heritage of the town in its Buildings.… More A Taste of Paisley: Paisley’s Buildings Heritage Walk 31 Aug 2019 12noon/ 1pm to 3pm.