Genealogy Courses

Searching for Renfrewshire Ancestors 2

4 Week Online Course Course

from Tuesday 3rd November 2020 7.30 – 9.30pm

This 4 week course will introduced you Renfrewshire – where did your ancestors live and work? What Churches did they attend? Where were they buried? The course has a focus on on Paisley, and other key towns and villages in the Old County of Renfrew. See below for the basic Syllabus.

Each session will be held on Zoom, with the invite for each session being sent out a day ot two before each session.

The 4 sessions cost £50.

Individual sessions cost £15 each. If you wish to attend individual sessions, please contact in advance.


03 November 2020 Renfrewshire Parishes

10 November 2020 Renfrewshire in Secondary Sources

17 November 2020 Paisley Churches & local Graveyards

24 November 2020 Renfrewshire Cemeteries – ie Woodside, Hawkhead, Abbey.