Buildings of the Monastery & Abbey of Paisley – Wed 26th April 6.30pm


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Lets discover the lost Buildings of the Monastery & Abbey of Paisley.

This 2 hour talk will explore the monastic landscape of Paisley from its origins in the 12th Century through to the late 19th Century. The remains of the Abbey and Place of Paisley that we see today are only a small proportion of the buildings of the Monastery at its height, using local placenames, evidence from other Cluniac Monasteries and archaeologival evidence we will piece together the layout of the Paisley’s monastery.


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Code: UH-HT18 Date: Wed 26TH April 2023 Time 6.30 – 8.30pm. Venue: Restoration & Creation, 6 Browns Lane, Paisley, PA1 2JH

Cost £6.00 By booking a place  you accept that the Urban Historian cannot provide refunds if you are unable to attend the event as the circumstances are outwith the Urban Historian’s Control. If the event is cancelled by the Urban Historian a refund or opportunity to attend another event will be provided.

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