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Old Paisley Mug

We can supply our standard Old Paisley 6oz Mug for a special price of £7.00

The Mug depiects Paisley Tollbooth, Old St Mirren Street and Old Causeyside.

Cost £7.00 with postage

Old Paisley MugOld Paisley Mug

7 x 9 inch Framed print of Paisley as published in 1720.

The image was published in the French volume: Les Delices de la Grand Bretagne, & de Irlande by James Beeverell &  engraved by Jan Goeree in 1720. The line runing down the centre represents a fold in the original image.

Cost £15.00

14 x 18 inch Framed (A3) print of a Plan of Paisley as it was 1490 – 1545

Published in several in several antiquarian volumes relating to Paisley, this plan depicts the town as it was rented out the the Abbot of Paisley Abbey, based on the Abbey Rental Book.

Cost £25

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