Paisley Canal Disaster 1810, list of those who died & survived

On the 10th November 1810, 10 days afte the canal opened, the duchess of Eglington, skippered by Thomas Rhodes was returning from Johnstone with an excursion. Awaiting the arrival of the boat from Johnstone, there was, in the forenoon, a large assemblage of people, mainly youths and children, who, in the enjoyment of their holiday,… More Paisley Canal Disaster 1810, list of those who died & survived

Dark Events at Bargarran in 1676

Today when the name Bargarran is mentioned, we always turn our mind to 1696 and the last mass witch hunt in Scotland that led to the execution of 7 people in Paisley on the 10th October 1697.  But the events that unfolded there in 1696 were preceded by a mysterious death in 1676. In the… More Dark Events at Bargarran in 1676

Improvements around Abbey Close, Paisley

Improvements around Abbey Close, 1860 – 1933 is a short book talking about the removal of post reformation housing around Paisley Abbey and is accompanied by many before and after pictures. This volume (aIT-RH3) is currently out of print, and has been made available for consultation for a few weeks. If you download please make… More Improvements around Abbey Close, Paisley

The “Tomb” of Marjory Bruce

Today withing the Choir of Paisley Abbey sits the “Tomb” of Marjory Bruce, daughter of Robert Bruce, King of Scotland and wife of Walter Stewart, 6th High Steward of Scotland. While researching a Walter Stewart for a chapter in ‘Conquered by No One’ on the Declaration of Arbroath, my attention was once again drawn to… More The “Tomb” of Marjory Bruce

John Stevenson & Sons

Have you ever walked down Weighhouse Close in Paisley and wondered what the old single story building and yard between the Private Car park and the Mrs Coats Home for Girls used to be? After doing some investigation, i have realised that this and the associated buildings probably make up one of the last complete… More John Stevenson & Sons

Walk & Talk Vouchers 2020

During this period of uncertainty we would like to remind you that you can buy vouchers for our heritage walks and talks. Any vouchers bought between 16th March and the 28th June 2020 will be valid for use until the 31st June 2021. Each voucher costs £6 Buy 1 Voucher Buy 2 Voucher Buy 4… More Walk & Talk Vouchers 2020

Lobnitz at War

Lobnitz shipyard in Renfrew mostly built and specialised in Dredgers and Dregde equipment for clients worldwide. During World War II the construction of dredgers contunued, though mostly for Admiralty contracts. This article looks at the Mulberry Harbours and HMS Pelorus.… More Lobnitz at War

A tour of Paisley Abbey

Peter Burnet – “Black Peter”

From the New Paisley Repository No.4 Saturday, January, 15th. 1853 SONG.      To the Air – ” CAPTAIN PATON.” Composed after reading the life of Peter Burnet, commonly known in Paisley by “BLACK PETER.” PETER BURNET was born on the estate of Thos. Todd, Esq. in the state of Virginia, in the year 1764.… More Peter Burnet – “Black Peter”

County Buildings & Jail

County Square, Paisley Paisley’s 19th century County Buildings & Jail, sat between county Square and the River White Cart. They replaced Paisley Tollbooth that sat at the corner of the High Street and Moss Street. In turn The County of Renfrew decided that their space in the buildings was too small and in 1887 they… More County Buildings & Jail